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  • Perfume

    1000’1 NIGHTS (UNISEX) 100ml

    ر.ق 875.00

    A Thousand and One Nights takes you on a nightly journey across the eastern Mediterranean with its mystique and atmosphere from cool desert evenings.

    With sand dunes as far as the eye can reach and the beautiful sunset that falls just behind the dunes with the night’s entrance, the desert takes on new life with its infinity and mystery.

    A herbal freshness meets Amber, marina scents and Oud but just like its mystique it hides so much more under the surface to give you the real feeling of the scent of 1000´1 night.

  • Perfume

    565 BY SWEDOFT (UNISEX) 100ml

    ر.ق 780.00

    5 ingredients of citrus.

    6 ingredients of fruits.

    5 ingredients of luxury notes such as Musk and pure Amber.

    Formula 565 is a number for one exciting old story, do you know the legend of Casanova?

    He was not that handsome man!

    He was not rich!

    But Casanova was amazing when he was talking to the ladies, he was elegant and his perfumes was always luxurious and imaginative.

    565 are the correct numbers of ladies that had a relationship with Casanova during his life.

    In this perfume formula we did our best to make it luxurious and imaginative, the rest is up to you.

  • Perfume


    ر.ق 945.00

    The legend of the Black Rose of (Halfeti) is a fable. A myth. It’s rumoured to grow only in one tiny area of Turkey by the Euphrates.

    But we wanted to bring the myth to life. This scent is a result of our wildest imagination and desires. A seductive, dark and sensuous rose that will captivate and enthral you.

    Our Black Rose is a light, airy fragrance reminiscent the soft touch of a rose petal. The fragrance is full of charm, sketched in blue Oud, with chamomile, incense, and all framed with a Damask Rose. Sensitive and intriguing.

  • Perfume


    ر.ق 780.00

    The composition of this type of Oud oil was extracted from the rare Cambodian Oud. This method of extraction , requires a distinctive distillation and long time to reach its unique aromatic notes.
    The Oud of Cambodian Oud is a distinctive legacy of the roots of the royal Oud tree since hundred of years.
    This deep exceptional quality of Cambodian Oud is a must have for all Oud lovers and collectors.

  • Perfume


    ر.ق 780.00

    Hundreds years ago Indian merchants brought natural, pure Musk from Tibetan mountains to Darin,s port in the Arabian peninsula.

    Darin was the center of the purest Musk that time, from there Musk was crossing to Mediterranean region then to Europe.
    At SweDoft labs we did our best to reach that musky scent of Darin,s Musk.

  • Perfume


    ر.ق 688.00

    FIGLIA DI EVA the woman that wear this unique fragrance is a woman that will have men enchanted and seduced by her sensuality.
    Men will do what she wants! She is FIGLIA DI EVA she is the daughter of Eve.
    The woman that wears this unique composition of Italian citrus, jasmine from Sicily, vanilla, musk and many more secret touches, is designed for the woman that has full control.

  • Perfume


    ر.ق 688.00

    Primadonna will enhance your beauty and style, you will impress and attract everyone around you. The magic in the perfume stimulates the senses of people.

    Perfect to wear to a party or meeting were the perfume creates an aura of gravity and warmth and were you will be in the center.

    The fragrance will keep you refreshed for many hours.

  • Perfume

    RASPUTIN (FOR MEN) 100ml

    ر.ق 780.00

    His History:
    A priest, wizard, politician, a lover, scary, licentious, lasciviou, preacher, holy man , mysterious… there have been said so much about him over the past 100 years.
    The dominant male, that is how he was described by women in the Russian Caesar palace and that’s what made him interesting for us, therefore we customized this formula to his legacy.

  • Perfume


    ر.ق 688.00

    SweDoft is the fragrance for both the modern and the aristocratic woman.

    Designed to enhance her feminine and soft side and the glow of confidence and control.

    First you will notice the fresh fragrance of kiwi and then followed by the luxurious feeling from jasmine and white musk.

    You will not go unnoticed.

  • Perfume


    ر.ق 945.00

    X OUD presents itself with a whole set of olfactory opposites.
    From spicy Indian oud to the sweetness of black currants, white rum and with a glow from patchouli, smoked leather and saffron these ingredients blends against musk, pineapple, apple and jasmine.

    With X OUD, we wanted to maintain the original Indian Oud throughout the whole experience so we used a technique that gives the scent of the original Indian Oud a crystal clear role from start to finish.

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